LEAP Design is a Hong Kong-based design studio with passion for socially conscious design and desire to help organisations and companies making the world a better place.

With over 10 years experience working with multinational clients from different industries, LEAP has the capabilities to provide design solutions that works for its clients. Now LEAP wants to focus its offering to help clients with social goals and to help them grow.

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Our mission:

“Collaborate with clients to provide them with optimum design solutions to achieve their social mission”.

We know the power that good design has to influence people. LEAP strives to empower and share its knowledge to help organisations and companies realise this influence.

We take a collaborative approach that gives full consideration of the issues, goals and strategies of individual clients and leads to highly appealing graphic identifiers, logos, print and web-based solutions. Above all, we are proud to be part of our clients’ success stories.


Cynthia Mononutu – Founder, Design Manager
Cynthia started her career in 2003 as Graphic Designer at a leading wealth management firm. Within four years, she managed to expand the in-house creative team to 20 people to better serve the firm’s print and online creative and branding needs in addition to those of external clients.

She joined the Precision Group in 2007, undertaking the key management role of the Creative Services Division of the company as well as expanding the firm’s core services in print and digital solutions through LEAP.

In addition to a deep understanding of design management for the financial and professional services sector, Cynthia holds a Bachelor’s degree in Visual Communication Design from Trisakti University, Indonesia, and a Master of Design degree from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University.