Change is Difficult. Conceived first and foremost as a challenge to ourselves, but one that we hope will be considered by everyone we come in contact with.

This is only a partial list and we are constantly evolving. Sure this is a monumental task. It means redefining what it means to be successful, but this is a challenge worth taking, one whose rewards are manifold. LEAP is offering a hands on approach to incorporating socially conscious philosophies into every aspect of our lives.

The LEAP philosophy includes a commitment to:

Provide high quality designs for clients who maintain a strong social agenda to support local community groups.

Work with clients who have strong morel groundings and are not involved in the business of cigarettes, alcohol, weapons or other socially harmful activities.

Work with companies who have a strong equal opportunity agenda and are not in any labour dispute with their employees.

Attempt to make work that creates minimal waste and does least harm to the environment as possible.

Encourage clients to use environmentally sensitive printing processes and materials whenever applicable.

Work with clients who promote art, culture, music, education and sports within the community.